Paint Thickness Tester Car Coating Thickness Gauge Digital Coating Meter With LCD Display Automotive Paint Films Tester

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It is mainly used to measure the thickness of the vehicle’s surface paint and other coating measurement.

Large screen with backlight, user can read the measurement easily in the dark.
High Sensitive Probe: probe structure, good stability, one-button measurement.
It will automatically power off in 2 min without any operation.
Power supply by 2 pieces 3V button cell, CR2032´╝łNot included).
Measuring range is 0.0 ~ 1.80mm or 0 to 71.0mil.
Better Using Feeling – It has the advantages of easy operation, rapid measurement, safe usage and portability.
It can measure the thickness of many non-metallic materials.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Measure Target: Non-metal coating thickness on the metal surface
Measuring range: 0.0 ~ 1.8mm or 0 to 71.0mil
Measuring Precision: ±0.1mm
Minimum Thickness Of Substrate: 0.5mm
Power Supply: 2 * 3V CR2032 Battery(Not included)
Auto Power Off Time: No actions in 2 min if have the measured object
Display Resolution: 0.05mm/2mil
Size: 38.0*87.0*22.0mm
Package Weight: Approx.70g

Operation Instructions
1.Open battery cover and load two CR2032 button batteries(Not Includes); Pay attention to positive and negative pole.
2.Leave the instrument hang in the air and press"CLR"button to turn it on,LCD full screen display,which means it enters the measurement state.Then long press"CLR"button to turn it off.
Note:Keep it away from the substrate when starting up.
3.Press the probe onto the coated metal substrate lightly,ensure that the instrument should be perpendicular to the surface of the object that being measured.

Note:When the probe was pressed on the substrate,the LCD will display"—",then you must wait unit the measurement value displayed the LCD,then remove it from the substrate.If removing before a value is displayed,it will display the last measured value.
4.Unit selection
After start-up,short press"UNIT"button to select measurement unit mm or mil.
5.LCD backlight
After start-up,long press"UNIT"button to turn on/off the backlight.
6.Clear screen data
After start-up,press"CLR"button to clear the data displayed on LCD screen.
7.Power off automatically
The Car Paint Tester will power off automatically if two minutes no operation after start-up.And it will power off automatically as well after five minutes start-up,even when you are operating it.

Package List:
1 * Paint Thickness Tester


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